Help Your Kids Practice Great Dental Health

dental-healthGood oral health is essential to total health and well being at any age. However, in the early stages of a child’s dental development, it is important that they are taught and encouraged to keep their teeth clean and healthy. Below are some tips for teaching your kids smart dental hygiene habits.

Start Brushing Early
The American Dental Association recommends brushing your baby’s gums to get them used to the sensation. Wrap a soft washcloth or wet gauze pad around your finger and gently brush their gums after meals and before bed. As teeth start to grow, use a child’s size toothbrush with water, and start flossing when at least two teeth touch.

Pick Out A Toothbrush Together
When your children are old enough, have them help you select their toothbrush. They can look for a soft bristled toothbrush in their favorite color or decorated with their favorite animal or cartoon.

Make The Experience Fun
Kids are more likely to brush if they have a positive association with the habit. Kids need to brush for two minutes, twice a day with an ADA-approved fluoride toothpaste. Pick out a two minute song that your child loves, and play it as your child brushes their teeth.

Set A Good Example
Start regular dental visits by your child’s first birthday, and schedule appointments twice a year. Remember, your child emulates your behavior. If you act anxious or nervous about going to the dentist’s office, your child will notice it. They may be likely to develop their own fear of the dentist. Remain calm and relaxed at the dentist’s office to show your kids that the dentist is not to be feared.

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Dental tips for children are great for your kids to learn at a young age so they can have sparkling, healthy teeth that can last a lifetime. Practicing routine dental health for kids, monitoring your children’s dental hygiene, praising their efforts and visiting our office every six months can help develop exceptional dental health for kids.

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