Bad Habits That Affect Your Dental Health

dental healthWhen you are going about your daily life, you probably are not thinking about the effect that bad habits have on the health of your teeth.If you are prone to any of these habits, let us know. We will schedule an evaluation to check the condition of your teeth and then discuss ways to break these bad habits or replace them with healthier ones. Below are a few bad habits that are harmful for your teeth.

Drinking Soda

We all know that soda is not great for our teeth. Soda is basically sugar water, regardless if it is diet soda or not. Soda is a highly acidic drink and this acid eats away at your enamel in the same way as the acids produced by bacteria. Instead of drinking soda, switch to water. To add some extra extra flavor, try infusing with fruit, cucumber or mint leaves.

Biting Your Nails

Biting your nails not only can lead to infection, but you risk fracturing your teeth as well. You should try and refine from biting pencils, ice or anything else that is not food. A cracked tooth can be seriously painful, but even a chip that damages the enamel can create an opening for bacteria, which can lead to infection or decay.

Frequent Snacking

Grazing throughout the day is pretty easy to do. We might start out with a few sips of coffee until lunchtime, then ease our way into snacks right before bedtime. The problem with constant grazing is that it keeps your teeth bathed in sugar all day long. Even healthy foods like fresh fruit are loaded with sugar. It is a good idea to to plan your meals so you stay fuller longer. If you do have a snack, rinse your mouth with water.

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