Dental Problems That Can Cause a Bad Bite

bad biteMost of us know what an overbite or underbite looks like, but there are other types of bad bites that can be less obvious. A healthy bite is one where your top and bottom teeth come together in a very precise way. If the bite is off, even a little bit, it can cause problems with your teeth, chewing and the function of your jaws. Dental problems can arise if you have a bad or uneven bite.

Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth can stress you mouth and jaws. If your teeth do not come together in a balanced way, you may unconsciously move your jaws in a way that eases discomfort or pain. Over time, this can affect the muscles and soft tissues of your face and jaw, causing TMJ symptoms.

Worn Teeth

Teeth that do not fit together correctly they can wear each other down. Crooked teeth or worn down teeth do not work like they are supposed to because they may be too small, or become sensitive. This can create TMJ symptoms like jaw pain as your jaw position shifts to compensate.

Missing Teeth

Some people think that if they are missing a tooth in the back of the mouth, it does not matter. The truth is that even one lost tooth, regardless of where it is in the mouth, begins a process of shifting of the teeth. The teeth on either side of the space where the lost tooth was will begin to gradually move into the gap. Other teeth will be affected and begin to shift once this happens.

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