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Most of us think of cosmetic dental treatments as an extravagance to be put aside for some future time. Fortunately the truth is that investing in a better smile can have a positive impact on more than just your looks.

Improve Your Oral Health?

If you have minor dental issues that you consider to be cosmetic, like slight spaces between your teeth, discolored teeth or a mild overbite, these issues could even be signs of problems that are developing or have the potential to cause oral health problems in the future.

  • Discolored, dark spots or uneven surfaces could be signs of tooth decay
  • Misaligned teeth or gaps can, in time, cause your other teeth to move out of alignment in the future
  • Small breaks or chips in your teeth can affect the way you chew and can cause problems with your jaws.

Cosmetic dentistry could improve the health of your teeth while making them look better if there is something wrong with the way your teeth look.


What Types Of Cosmetic Dental Procedures Are Available?

There are a variety of treatment options that can align, whiten, reshape or completely rebuild your teeth.

  • Dental bonding or veneers can repair chips, fill in spaces between teeth or completely reshape your teeth
  • Damaged or broken teeth can be restored with porcelain crowns
  • Missing teeth can be replaced with dental implants or other teeth replacement options such as partials or dentures
  • Tooth-colored fillings can address tooth decay without impacting the appearance of your teeth
  • Misaligned teeth can be fixed with clear braces


How Can A Better Smile Make A Difference In Your Life?

Healthy teeth can help improve your self-esteem,make you look younger, and feel healthier overall. Good oral health is crucial for your whole body, and self-esteem is important for your emotional health. If you have ever been embarrassed to smile, improving it may help in many aspects of your life.

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