Get A Celebrity Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

Smiling with perfect set of teethYou can have perfectly straight and white teeth through one of many different cosmetic dentistry treatments designed to restore the health and beauty of your natural teeth. Whether you are looking to straighten your teeth, remove years of discoloration, or need a complete smile makeover, we offer professional and gentle cosmetic dental care to all patients who are looking to beautify their smile.

Zoom Teeth Whitening
Years of consuming coffee, wine, and tea can cause yellowing and other discoloration which can affect the brightness of your smile. Zoom teeth whitening can help. Zoom teeth whitening had become one of the most popular teeth whitening systems because of its convenience and ease. The treatment only lasts one hour and you will leave our office with immediate results.

There are many treatments for straightening your teeth, but none come close to the convenience and comfort of Invisalign, a revolutionary alternative to traditional metal braces. Unlike metal braces, Invisalign custom made aligners straighten your teeth discreetly and with little interference in your everyday life.

Along with giving you more self-confidence to show off your smile, straighter teeth also help improve overall oral health. Correctly aligned teeth are stronger in fighting against the growth of the periodontal disease. Straight teeth can also ease issues caused by an improper bite, speech and jaw problems, and continued the wear of tooth enamel.

Dental Veneers
Many celebrities repair their uneven and discolored teeth with dental veneers. Dental veneers are custom made porcelain shells that are adhered to the surface of your teeth and replicate the beauty of your natural teeth. Porcelain dental veneers are durable and flexible, and resist staining, making veneers a good option for long-lasting results.

Dental veneers are a perfect solution to many common esthetic problems many patients have including crooked or crowded teeth, gaps between teeth, and discolored teeth. Dental veneers can provide a total makeover to brighten and whiten your smile.

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Whether you are looking for a small change or a complete makeover, we offer an array of treatments to give you the award-winning smile you have been dreaming of. For more information or to schedule a dental appointment, contact our office today at 203-612-5870.

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