What Can Be The Cause Of Chipped Teeth?

Chipped TeethThere are many cosmetic flaws that can mar the appearance of the smile, but few are as obvious as a chipped tooth. A chipped tooth, especially one toward the front of the mouth, can dramatically change the smile and is likely to leave patients feeling self conscious.

What Causes Chipped Teeth?
There are many potential causes of chipped teeth. While anyone is susceptible to the damage of a chipped tooth, those with teeth that have been weakened by erosion, decay, or extensive wear and tear are especially vulnerable to chipping a tooth. Below are some of the most common causes of chipped teeth:

• An injury to the mouth, often caused by sporting accidents or a slip or fall
• Biting down on a particularly hard food, candy, or ice
• Damage from consistent tooth grinding or clenching (a condition known as bruxism)
• Using the teeth as tools (opening cans or bottles, biting through objects)
• A misaligned bite that puts uneven pressure on the teeth
• The presence of tooth decay, disease, or infection
• Certain medications

It is important to protect the teeth from potential damage by avoiding habits that put excessive force on the teeth and by protecting the teeth during physical activities through the use of a dental mouth guard. Patients can also ensure that the teeth are strong by keeping them clean and healthy, another practice that can help to prevent chipped teeth.

Learn More About The Causes And Treatment Of Chipped Teeth
Knowing why your teeth might chip can help you prevent dental damage and maintain a beautiful smile. If you do suffer from chips or cracks, we can restore your smile with dental bonding, crowns, or even porcelain veneers. Contact our dental practice today at 203-612-5529 to learn more or schedule a consultation.

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