The Value Of Brushing Before Bedtime

Closeup on young woman brushing teethIn today’s busy world, losing track of important daily tasks like brushing your teeth before bed is easy, and forgetting them. There are some very good reasons, however, why your dentist recommends that you brush your teeth before bed. You may feel that when you wake up in the morning, brushing your teeth will be enough to clean and protect your teeth and gums, but brushing at night is essential for good oral health.

Prevent Bacteria Buildup
Within the human mouth resides countless numbers of bacteria and proper oral hygiene helps reduce and prevent the build-up of those bacteria. Bacteria in the mouth are normal and necessary for oral health, but when they accumulate and start feeding off the food particles left on and between teeth, that bacteria corrodes enamel and leads to tooth decay.

Avoid Plaque Buildup Overnight
Plaque is a yellowish film that builds up on our teeth usually along the gum line and between teeth. As the plaque bacteria eats the left over food particles on your teeth, a white film of plaque colonizes and builds up in your mouth. Plaque is acidic, and given time, will exert its damage onto the teeth and gums. So by brushing multiple times per day, and especially just before bed, we are cutting down on the risk of damage to our teeth and gums from this harmful plaque.

Improve Oral Health
Making a thorough toothbrushing part of your routine every night before bed helps improve and protect your oral health and staves off bacteria build up. When brushing before bed, make sure it is the last thing you do and avoid any middle of the night snacks. If you do eat later in the night for some reason, brushing your teeth again is the best course of action.

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