About Us

Welcome to the dental office of Dr. Larry I. Gottlieb. After more than 30 years, Dr. Gottlieb is a leader among local dentists and other dental professionals.

Quality dental care might begin at home, but an active relationship with your dentist is essential. Keeping those regular appointments can mean the difference between prevention and early detection, and drawn out problems that might become painful and expensive. In addition, your dental health, like everything else in your body, is connected to your overall health. Staying on top of it helps you look and feel your best for years to come.

Dr. Gottlieb is able to provide all family dentistry, general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. From those routine checkups to an emergency root canal to some gentle teeth whitening, he helps you keep your smile healthy and happy. As a general dentist, he recognizes the necessity of being compassionate, especially with young children, or someone facing the possibility of having their teeth removed. Further, whereas the prospect of going to the dentist might cause fear and anxiety for some, our office strives to alleviate those concerns by creating a warm and safe atmosphere.

Although family and general dentistry often involve treatment out of necessity, cosmetic dentistry tends to be a bit more subjective. Dr. Gottlieb is always open to discussing your wishes for more aesthetically pleasing teeth and gums, as well as the best methods for your particular situation.

Call the dental office of Dr. Gottlieb today! It’ll be our pleasure to serve you in the Bridgeport, CT.