Teach Children Good Oral Hygiene

Children live in a special world, where their top priorities are having fun, being silly, and avoiding activities that stand in the way of their good time. For this reason, children also tend to avoid daily rituals that don’t stimulate them in a fun way. For most children, brushing teeth is ranked about as highly as cleaning a bedroom. So, how do you encourage enthusiasm in your children for something as necessary (and “boring”) as dental maintenance? Here are some great tips for how to teach children good oral hygiene: Continue reading

Tips for Preventing Tooth Loss

dental-hygieneTooth loss is no fun for anyone but the best part is, it can be easily prevented. Your teeth are meant to last you for life and with the proper care then they can almost certainly achieve this aim. However it is all too easy to neglect your teeth or to think their loss is somehow inevitable. If you would like to enjoy your natural smile for as long as possible, follow our tips below.

Do Not Miss Your Regular Checkups
This is absolutely essential as a regular checkup is the best possible way of avoiding tooth loss and keeping your teeth longer. By allowing us to check your teeth and gums, we can soon pick up any small problems before they become likely to threaten the health of your teeth. Continue reading

Keeping Your Teeth for a Lifetime

teethKeeping your teeth for life has become the dominant model in oral care today. Not many years ago, Americans assumed that, later in life, total extraction was inevitable, followed by a transition to dentures. Fortunately that is no longer a necessary assumption.

Importance Of Keeping Your Teeth
The health of the human body depends on having healthy teeth. Everything from speech to nutrition starts with the mouth. Having gum disease has been linked to and may be a risk factor in developing Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease or diabetes. Experts are studying how inflammation in the mouth caused by gum disease may influence other areas of the body (brain, heart and pancreas), causing disease in those areas. This chronic inflammation inhibits the body’s ability to fight infection. Continue reading

The Real Truth About Flossing

1932870Flossing is one of the most important things you can do to improve and preserve your oral health. Most people either forget about flossing or put it low on their list of priorities because they are unaware of the importance or unsure how to do it correctly. Brushing our teeth has become an ingrained habit for so many of us. Flossing, unfortunately, is something that seems to take more work to become second nature. We understand how hard it can be to make flossing a priority when you have not in the past. Below are some tips to get you flossing with ease in no time.

Quality Over Quantity
You do not need to floss several times a day. Flossing once a day should be enough, so long as you do it well. Flossing is all about proper technique. If you floss multiple times a day and do a poor job of it each time, you are not doing your teeth any favors. Find a time in your day where you can devote a few extra minutes to your dental care. Continue reading

Benefits of a Beautiful Smile

beautiful-smileTaking care of your teeth has a lot of health benefits. Maintaining an attractive white smile is an important factor to the overall appearance, attractiveness, and professionalism of yourself. A great smile allows others to feel comfortable and displays approachability. It not only makes you feel good, but allows others to feel more positive about their day and their surroundings. Here are just a few of the benefits that can come from having a beautiful smile.

Smiling Makes You Healthier
Stress is a killer. The less stressed out you are, the less pressure and strain you are exerting on your body. People who are happy and relaxed are more likely to live longer, and much less likely to develop blood pressure or heart problems that plague people afflicted with high stress levels. It also has an added health benefit, it makes your immune system stronger by making your body produce extra white blood cells. Continue reading

Common Root Canal Signs

root-canalIf you have a painful toothache that just will not go away or you feel some tenderness and pressure around a tooth, you may have a severe infection that requires a root canal. Many people are afraid to get a root canal and may even delay treatment to avoid going through with the procedure. However, undergoing root canal therapy will prevent an infection from spreading and can ward off damage to nearby teeth. Here are three of the most common symptoms one can experience that may necessitate a dental evaluation.

Pain – When your teeth bother you, this is a signal from your body that something is not right in your mouth. Continue reading

Potential Causes of Toothaches

toothacheThere are a number of different causes of dental pain. Almost everyone experiences pain or soreness in their teeth or gums at one time or another. Most of the time the pain or soreness is of a temporary nature and is not usually a cause of concern. If you are experiencing oral pain, we are here to help. We have put together a list of the leading causes of mouth pain.

Clenching Or Grinding Your Teeth
Teeth grinding, also known as Bruxism, is one of the most common causes of mouth pain. Grinding your teeth typically occurs while you are sleeping and requires an immense amount of pressure from your jaws, which may leave a sore, achy feeling the next morning. But the effects may be long term as well, over time, grinding your teeth wears them down to stumps and may cause them to crack, break, or fracture in a painful manner. Continue reading

Dental Veneers: Improve Your Smile

veneersIf you would like to enhance the appearance of your smile or correct minor dental flaws dental veneers are an easy way to achieve this. Veneers are custom designed to fit over the entire front surface of the tooth, from the gum line right up to the biting edge of the tooth.

Can Dental Veneers Help Your Smile?
Dental veneers are great for hiding lots of different types of imperfections, so you might want to consider this option if you have some teeth with internal stains that cannot easily be lifted by conventional tooth whitening. This can happen through the use of certain antibiotics such as tetracycline, or may occur if you had excess fluoride as a child as this can often leave white flecks on teeth, or even brown or other dark colored marks. Continue reading

Common Causes of Tooth Pain

tooth-painDespite having a hard enamel exterior, teeth are actually quite delicate. Many people experience tooth pain at some point in their life. Tooth pain can be caused by a number of factors.

Tooth Decay
If you have untreated cavities in your teeth then it is likely that bacteria in the mouth have managed to penetrate the dentin layer. This consists of lots of tiny tubules that lead directly to the pulp, resulting in these nerves becoming stimulated. Continue reading

Your Child’s Age One Dental Visit

dental-visitMost American children do not see their family dentist until they are well over two years old, far later than is recommended by both dental and medical professionals. It is recommended that your child’s first dental visit begins at age one or six months after his or her first tooth comes in.

There are significant advantages to starting dental visits early and establishing a dental home since many dental problems are avoidable. Early visits allow children to become accustomed to the atmosphere of the dental office and establish good habits early. Research has shown that children who visit the dentist at a young age have fewer cavities, less premature tooth loss, reduced future health care costs, and a more positive experience at the dentist throughout their childhood. Continue reading