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Dentist Bridgeport Ct

Missing a tooth, but your insurance won’t cover it?

We have flexible financing available, so you won’t have to wait to restore your perfect smile.

The dental office of Larry I. Gottlieb, DDS offers dental implants for our patients in Bridgeport, CT, Trumbull, CT, Stratford, CT, and the nearby areas. We offer implants whether you have lost your tooth due to injury, tooth decay, periodontitis, or any other cause. Our state of the art dental office can have your teeth fully restored for a beautiful and healthy smile. Your new teeth will feel comfortable and look natural with natural contours and coloring. Our dental office has been performing implant surgery for many years and you can rest assured of receiving exceptional results.

Flexible Financing Available

If you are missing a tooth but your insurance won’t cover it, we offer flexible financing solutions so you can have your smile restored right away. You won’t have to wait to get the get the perfect smile you deserve when you come to our dental office for all of your smile restoration needs.

Our Services Include:

  • Restoring chipped teeth
  • Placing implants
  • Providing gum disease treatment

Whether you have lost one tooth or you need more than one implant, we will provide you with the smile restoration solutions you need for a beautiful smile. If you are concerned about pain, you can enjoy a pain free visit at our dental office.

Contact us to schedule an appointment

Contact the dental office of Larry I. Gottlieb, DDS to schedule your dental appointment. We provide free new patient exams and flexible financing. Call us at (203) 374-1027 today. We look forward to bringing the best out of your smile!

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